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Join nocrumbsleft at her table as she discusses various topics including food, cooking, love, family and inspiration.

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    S2:E19  Where JOY Lives

    In this episode, I sit down with friend and extraordinary photographer George Lange, who is full of anecdotes and observations about his high-profile photo subjects. His enthusiasm for life is contagious!

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    S2: E18 A Phabulous Journey

    In this episode, I talk with Robyn Sexton, mother, entrepreneur, and advocate, about her family’s journey through illness, recovery and advocacy.

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    S2:E17 Open Hearts Lead to Open Minds

    In this episode, I sit down with Crumble and fellow LGBTQ+ parent Julie Stewart to talk about the difference she makes in the world by connecting as a surrogate mom and advocate to people who need parental affirmation.

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    S2:E16 37 Life-Altering Seconds

    In this episode, I sit down with the author of the book 37 Seconds, Stephanie Arnold, to hear what happened when she died in childbirth…but only for 37 seconds. Part medical thriller and part personal journey, and soon to be a Netflix special, her story is truly astounding.

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    S2:E15 Kitchen Tales: When Foodie Worlds Collide

    In this episode, I sit down with fellow mother and food blogger Jill Fergus to discuss friendship and community, cooking for loved ones, and the joys of being in the kitchen.

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    S2:E14 Making a Powerful Difference

    In this episode, I sit down with Field Foundation president and native Chicagoan Angelique Power to talk about how everyone, from corporations to individuals, can make a difference in shifting the balance of power in today’s society.

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    S2:E13 For the Love of Ice Cream

    In this episode, Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream tells me about her ice cream obsession, her early days experimenting with flavors, and what it means to be the founder of a company. Inspiration is her lifeblood, and she is full of encouragement for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to manifest their dream.

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    S2:E12 Curating a Legacy

    In this episode, I talk with art historian and curator Danny Dunson of @legacybros, who is elevating and educating the African-American community by, among other things, curating art, images, and stories that instruct and inspire.

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    S2:E11 You Are My Sunshine

    In this episode, fellow band daughter Laurel Schumacher and I reminisce about the joyful adventures our mothers had as part of the band they were in for decades, and share how we create community and cherish our multigenerational friendships.

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    S2:E10 But Dad Said I Could!

    In this episode, I talk with friend and parenting expert Dana Hirt about how to best co-parent, why defining your core values is key, and how to create your own parenting blueprint.

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    S2: E9 ‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost...

    In this episode, follower Handey Oddo and I discuss love and loss, and how to land on the other side of grief through talking, honoring the pain, and seeing the signs of our ongoing connection to loved ones.

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    S2:E8 Think Big!

    In this episode, brand strategist Molly Louthan and I discuss branding, visioning, and creating a new paradigm in which people can truly be partners in the business world.

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    S2:E7 Don’t Burn That Bridge!

    In this episode, I sit down with Laura Wasser, a high profile divorce attorney whose online resources and podcast help couples achieve amicable divorce.

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    S2:E6 “We Are Not an Algorithm” – Why Small Business Matters

    In this episode, I sit down with my local independent bookseller, Erika VanDam, to talk about our recent favorite reads, why shopping local benefits the community, and how her bookstore participates in nocrumbsleft’s “pay it forward” program.

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    S2:E5 Sometimes Our Dragons Help Us

    In this episode, Dallas Graham of the Red Fred Project talks about the foundation that publishes books by kids with life-threatening illnesses, where his project began and where it’s going, and the wisdom he’s received along the way.

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    S2:E4 She's a Bad Mama Jama

    In this episode, my neighbor Tia discusses community, grit, reinvention, the myth of balancing work and home, and being comfortable with discomfort.

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    S2:E3 Lights, Camera, Action!

    In this episode, actress Katie Kershaw of the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher and I get to know each other. Our lively conversation touches on following your passion, living with authenticity, acting, and Marinated Onion Bowls!

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    S2:E2 I Got It From My Mama

    In this episode, @kholi (Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison), Whole30 Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, tells me why access and parity matter @whole30 and in life.

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    S2:E1 Dishing with Alex Snodgrass

    In this episode, Alex Snodgrass of @thedefineddish and I discuss content creation, her path to Whole30, being a true collaborator, and how to balance mothering and inspired influencing.

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    Episode 38: Turning The Tables On Teri Turner

    In this podcast my dear friend Laurice (Laurie) Bell turns the tables, so to speak, and prompts me to reveal, among other things, how I’m actually a warrior woman with a marshmallow center, how I grew my Instagram following, and how this podcast came to be.

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    Episode 37: Grief Reimagined

    In this episode, I talk again with my friend, stylist and author Barri Leiner Grant, about honoring the spirit of our mothers, the struggle to say the right thing around loss, and how it’s time for society to honor grief and death the same way that we do birth.

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    Episode 36: Everything Counts

    In this episode, I talk with my long-time friend, author Ellen Rogin, about generosity as the new currency, how to create a prosperity plan, and the importance of teaching our kids about giving, saving and gratitude.

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    Episode 35: A Peach of a Gal

    In this episode, Teri and dear friend and coconspirator, Ashley @HealthyLittlePeach discuss their love of Whole30, inspiration, hard work, and being female entrepreneurs.

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    Episode 34: We're All In This Together

    In this episode, Teri @nocrumbsleft and her friend, Bobbi Anderson, discuss the magic of a great neighbor and supporting other women in this celebration of life.

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    Episode 33: Let's Hear it For The Girls

    In this episode, Katie Sturino and I discuss fashion for curvy women, advocating for the female form, and why she created @megababe’s unique products for women.

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    Episode 32: Our French Connection

    From our friendship to motherhood, to 80s haircuts, to how we ordered food in Paris, in this conversation, Laurie and I celebrate 35+ years of our own table talks.

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    Episode 31: Dirt Magic

    The joys of eating seasonally, dried mushrooms as a magic elixir, and how gardening feeds your soul are just a few of our topics.

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    Episode 30: A Plate and a Prayer

    Diane and I talk about food, faith, and love. We share a mutual love for food as art, embracing imperfection, and praying for our kids. What a lively conversation!

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    Episode 29: Saying Yes Along the Journey

    Christina Klinepeter, Olympic karate hopeful and CEO of Eat Purely, talks to me about marriage as partnership, parenting, and how to eat the best food for your body.

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    Episode 28: Authenticity Rising

    In this episode, I talk with longtime friend Dennis Ryan, ad man extraordinaire, about how individual authenticity and interaction (with a dash of joy) earn and captivate an audience.

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    Episode 27: Waking Up Inspired

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend, with the owner of Chicago’s Lori’s Shoes, Lori Andre about food, shoes, ALS and the value of community.

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    Episode 26: The World According to Mats

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend, purpose-driven investor Mats Lederhausen (, about life and loss in the context of capitalism.

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    Episode 24: Tending To Your Soul

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend Kathy Bresler about Soul Collage, cancer, “coming out” as spiritual, and the variety of ways women connect, including the women’s circle Kathy has led for the last seven years.

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    Episode 23: The Power of Chosen Family

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with longtime friend, yoga and tantra goddess Rachel Fiske (, about raising kids together and the life and death events they’ve shared over 25 years.

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    Episode 22: Food For Thought

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with Target 100 Author and weight loss expert, Liz Josefsburg who shares her amazing tips about weight loss, and the role food plays in all of our lives.

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    Episode 21: Allyship and Beyond-cé

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with activist and friend Justin Mikita about LGBTQ allyship, pride, and their mutual love of both his husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and breakfast.

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    Episode 20: Inspired Baking

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with Greg Wade, the head baker at Publican Quality Bread, about sustainability, his passion for his craft, and staying inspired.

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    Episode 19: Love Languages

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft aka Teri Turner and dear friend and neighbor Melissa Richardson talk about love languages and finding your feet at each stage of mothering.

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    Episode 16: Call us, Dax Shepard!

    In this episode nocrumbsleft and @nocrumbslefts_kid chat with each other about life and end up covering topics from following your dreams, to their desire to be on Dax Shepard’s podcast.

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    Episode 15: Love, Loss and The School of Life

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with author and stylist Barri Leiner Grant (aka @blg), telling the stories of those they loved and lost, and how to brave it all.

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    Episode 13: It Takes a Village

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft, daughter Lucy (aka nocrumbslefts_kid), and son Patrick (aka @nocrumbslefts_otherkid), talk about family traditions, music, and love.

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    Episode 12: I Get By With a Little Help

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with friend and Table Talk podcast producer Jo Feldman about how they met, how the Table Talks podcasts began, how we get by with a little help from our friends, and the magic of Instagram.

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    Episode 11: A Carnivore & A Vegan

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft and friend Joanne Molinaro discuss how a carnivore (Teri) and a vegan (Joanne) became fast friends and continue to make their friendship flourish despite their dietary differences.

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    Episode 5: Creating Balance

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft and friend of 20 years Kate Fulling talk about creating balance.

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    Episode 3: The Good, Goodbye

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft aka Teri Turner and lifelong dear friend Laurice Bell talk about the many goodbyes you say in a lifetime.

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    Episode 1: 1 Queer, 1 Straight

    Food Blogger nocrumbsleft and daughter Lucy talk about Lucy's journey discovering her queerness and how family and her community have framed her experience.

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