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Join nocrumbsleft at her table as she discusses various topics including food, cooking, love, family and inspiration.

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    Episode 32: Our French Connection

    From our friendship to motherhood, to 80s haircuts, to how we ordered food in Paris, in this conversation, Laurie and I celebrate 35+ years of our own table talks.

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    Episode 31: Dirt Magic

    The joys of eating seasonally, dried mushrooms as a magic elixir, and how gardening feeds your soul are just a few of our topics.

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    Episode 30: A Plate and a Prayer

    Diane and I talk about food, faith, and love. We share a mutual love for food as art, embracing imperfection, and praying for our kids. What a lively conversation!

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    Episode 29: Saying Yes Along the Journey

    Christina Klinepeter, Olympic karate hopeful and CEO of Eat Purely, talks to me about marriage as partnership, parenting, and how to eat the best food for your body.

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    Episode 28: Authenticity Rising

    In this episode, I talk with longtime friend Dennis Ryan, ad man extraordinaire, about how individual authenticity and interaction (with a dash of joy) earn and captivate an audience.

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    Episode 27: Waking Up Inspired

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend, with the owner of Chicago’s Lori’s Shoes, Lori Andre about food, shoes, ALS and the value of community.

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    Episode 26: The World According to Mats

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend, purpose-driven investor Mats Lederhausen (, about life and loss in the context of capitalism.

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    Episode 24: Tending To Your Soul

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with her friend Kathy Bresler about Soul Collage, cancer, “coming out” as spiritual, and the variety of ways women connect, including the women’s circle Kathy has led for the last seven years.

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    Episode 23: The Power of Chosen Family

    Food blogger nocrumbsleft talks with longtime friend, yoga and tantra goddess Rachel Fiske (, about raising kids together and the life and death events they’ve shared over 25 years.

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